Yun OS

yunosThe Yun operating system, most commonly known as Aliyun or YunOS, is a Linux distribution that is aimed at smartphones. The Aliyun operating system was designed by one of the subsidiaries of the massive Chinese organization Alibaba Group.

This innovative operating system has reached the shelves of Chinese markets three years ago, back in 2011, after years of hard work and research. Aliyun was developed and released by Alicloud and it required the joint efforts of more than 1,500 skilled engineers to come up with this operating system based on the code of the Android Open Source Project. The Aliyun OS has enjoyed a tremendous success in China, and now the developer is looking forward to expanding their services into the Western markets as well, with millions of Aliyun-powered smartphones sold all across China.

What made the Aliyun operating system so appreciated amongst the Chinese smart phone users (and not only) was the fact that it embedded the notion of cloud computing into mobile devices. The popularity of cloud computing has sky-rocketed lately, given the increased functionality, convenience and ease of use associated with it.

This operating system combines several notable cloud-based features and functions, from useful GPS navigation tools and online search to e-mail providers. Those who have purchased Aliyun-based smart phones should also know that they can efficiently store all their media files (photos, videos and sounds) along with their call history and text messages on the cloud, thus allowing them to access their personal data from their PC or laptop, regardless of their location.

At the time being, the Alibaba-supported operating system offers its users up to 100 GB of storage, and one of the greatest benefits of the cloud functionality is that users do not need to worry about downloading and installing various applications on their smart phones, apps that would otherwise clutter their mobile devices and make them run slower than they were designed to.

Soon after its release, Google claimed that Android and Aliyun share similar features and that the latter is only a version of Android, but Alibaba disputed that claim. The Aliyun operating system comes with its very own virtual machine that has nothing in common with that of Android. Also, the core of the Aliyun operating system (including the Java and the cloud app engine) are different from those of Android as well. However, the Aliyun operating system does use some of the tools and frameworks of the Android application.