tmall-printscreenPreviously known as Taobao Mall, is one of the largest Internet based B2B retail company for businesses. is operated by the famous Alibaba Group. So if you are interested in investing in Alibaba, it is good to understand more about this business. Tmall is aimed both at the local market (the Chinese market) and the international market. Like any other reputable online marketplace, commercializes a variety of high-end, brand goods in China and the surrounding countries of Japan, Taiwan and others. was launched back in 2008 as part of the Taobao marketplace, and it has already become very popular all around the world. Tmall has invested millions of dollars in advertising and marketing campaigns aimed to raise brand awareness and to increase the visibility of the brand amongst its users. Throughout the six years of existence, Tmall has been constantly improving the user shopping experience. As of 2011, has become an independent business managed by the Alibaba Group, the latter being founded back in 1999.

Tmall was shown to hold more than 50% of the Chinese market share in the B2C market, last year. The popularity of this online retailer has increased after several world-renowned brands have opened stores here, from the popular electronics manufacturers Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Logitech and Philips to companies like Lipton, Adidas, Reebok, Ecco and even Ray-Ban. These are only some of the over 70,000 brands that have online stores at Tmall has registered more than 100 million users worldwide, and it is ranked in the top 50 most intensely visited online websites in the entire world. stands out with several useful features and functions that offer both buyers and sellers the peace of mind they are seeking, knowing that all the financial transactions take place in a safe manner. Just like most of the other businesses that work under the giant Alibaba Group, the group also uses Alipay as its main escrow based online payment platform. This is the most preferred payment solution for all the transactions on the website, as it is very easy to use and customers have the chance to inspect the quality of the goods before actually issuing a payment. also offers AliWangWang, a straightforward and time-effective communication method that allows sellers and buyers to keep in touch before making a deal. The instant messaging program is very easy to use and it is similar to a chat, thus allowing users to communicate and to reach a mutual agreement.