, commonly referred to as the Taobao Marketplace is an online Chinese marketplace that is somewhat similar to Amazon and eBay. Taobao was founded 11 years ago by the reputable Alibaba Group, and it is intended to be a platform that connects buyers with sellers. The Chinese marketplace has hundreds of millions of products listed on a yearly basis, and it is one of the world’s top 10 most intensely visited websites.

What makes this online marketplace so sought-after these days is the fact that it has a simple, straightforward and very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, as sellers and buyers can get what they need with only several clicks of a button.

The well-known Alibaba Group is a group of online-based electronic commerce businesses that comprises of online portals, online retail and payment services as well as business-to-business systems. The company is based in the Chinese city of Hangzhou and it has been in the industry for almost 15 ears. Throughout the years, the profits of the Alibaba Group have grown exponentially, and the group itself has decided to expand its services and to create several other similar platforms that are ranked amongst the most visited websites, globally. Taobao is therefore an important asset for Alibaba shareholders.

Like all the major online marketplaces, has two buying systems: through a fixed price (as most of the products are sold these days) and through an auction, similar to that of the website eBay. Also, another aspect that makes TaoBao so popular is the fact that buyers can carefully inspect the profile and the ratings of each seller prior to making a purchase. This way, they can read reviews and testimonials left by previous customers, so that they can make an idea about the seller in question.

The Taobao company can be recognized by its innovative mascot which is the ant. From the moment it was created back in 2003, the Taobao Marketplace has experienced with various new features and services to offer users a rather holistic buying/selling experience. Another Chinese marketplace, Tmall, was once part of Taobao, but is now spun off as a seperate website. Feature-rich and user-oriented, the Taobao has increased in popularity both amongst the Chinese and the international customers.

Also, the Taobao Marketplace currently relies on what is known as Alipay – this is an escrow-based online payment platform that allows buyers to pay for the purchased goods. Alipay is also ranked within the top three most popular and most commonly used online payment systems in the entire China, and it is known to be safe and secure, due to the escrow system that is embedded in it.