Chinese group Alibaba has decided to break new ground in the online retail niche, launching its own retail platform dedicated to customers from Southeast Asia: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Juhuasuan.com is a unique blend of the Taobao Marketplace and its website, Ju.taobao.com. Founded in 2010, Juhuasuan.com was formerly a large sub-division of Taobao.com. One year later, in November 2011, it was completely separated from Taobao.com, becoming an independent affiliate entity of the Alibaba Group.

In the past, consumers from Taiwan and Hong Kong had difficulties using this website due to various cross-border shipping issues and because shipping was not supported by the main Chinese platform (Taobao.com). Fortunately, today this platform can be accessed and used by both Hong Kong and Taiwan residents.

Offers and Prices

Juhuasuan offers various “flash sales”, products available at discounted prices for a short period of time. On the website, customers can find a wide variety of deals on house wares, clothing, electronics, mother and baby products, toys and apparel. Customers can pay via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, PPS, JCB or Alipay Card.

Prices vary from $1 for cheap toys up to $5,000 for high-end laptops or other expensive gadgets. The special offers are featured right after the top brands.

Website Structure

The structure of this website is slightly different from other platforms under the aegis of Alibaba. For example, Taobao.com is much alike AliExpress.com or Tmall.com. On the other hand, Juhuasuan.com has only two columns: the left column showcases the categories, while the center column features the main products, special deals and top brands.

At the top of the page, website visitors can access their accounts, enter the business center or view the mobile version. At the bottom, they can access additional information, such as tips, affiliate rules, customer service or can enter their email address to receive daily notifications, updates and deals.

Benefits of Juhuasuan.com

Most customers who have purchased a product on Juhuasuan.com have outlined its amazing benefits. First of all, finding a product on the platform is as easy as pie. You can either browse through the categories or search for a product in the search box. The second benefit is the daily deals. Customers can get up to 80% off for various products, ranging from watches to sofas or TVs. Lastly, Juhuasuan.com works with the same brands as Taobao.com and Tmail.com. Thousands of international and Chinese brands have established their own storefront on these websites. Some of the most famous brands who work with Juhuasuan are Apple, L’Oréal, Unilever, P&G and Adidas.