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The main aim of is to provide our visitors with a remarkable experience when using our website. This is made possible by use of cookies. This privilege applies to all the visitors of our website regardless of their physical location throughout the world. has a lot of respect for your privacy and takes all the necessary measures to ensure that you are accorded your privacy and handles your information with ultimate confidentiality.

What are Cookies?

Cookies can be defined as very small text files that have the ability to store a little but specific information. Once you visit a website, you have cookies placed on the computer, tablet or the smartphone you are using. With the help of the cookies, your web browser picks your website settings and remembers it. Nowadays, most of the websites you will visit — including — provides you with cookies to enable you move between pages quickly and also to allow a smooth experience on the web.

Analytics Cookies

With the help of analytics cookies, we are able to improve our website and any related services. We use them to get more insight on some of the most visited areas of the site and also the areas which need improvement. With analytics cookies, is able to get a better idea of web errors which makes it easy to define the most suitable solution for them. Analytics also helps us understand what works best for the users of our web.

Sometimes, we hire other companies to perform the web analytic services for us. You should not be worried about our analytic services since they never store any of your personal information.

Third Party Cookies

We sometimes attach photos and video content from some websites such as Flickr and You Tube so as to support our journalism. As a result, you may get cookies from these websites if you visit a page containing such content. If you wish to get more information about these cookies, you should consider checking the relevant third party’s website because does not control their dissemination.

There are also share buttons on the’s web pages. Their purpose is to enable our users quickly share content with their family and friends across the globe through various popular social networks. Once you click one of these share buttons, a cookie is set by the specific service you have chosen to share your content through. Again, does not possess any control over the dissemination of these cookies.

Option to Opt Out

You are allowed to opt out at any time you wish to just by changing your web browsing setting. Being a user of, you always have all the freedom of choosing which cookies to accept and the ones to reject.