, one of Alibaba Group’s best online retail services so far, is a huge retail marketplace serving worldwide consumers. Similar to, has over 1 million registered members and customers from over 220 countries, including the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and other emerging markets in East Europe and South America.

Platform Description

The platform is made of thousands of small business sellers, offering anything from consumer electronics, phones and laptops to accessories and clothes for men, women and children. On the website customers can view the categories, super deals, weekly bestselling products, hot & new items, novelty items and brands. At the bottom right corner of the main page visitors can subscribe to the newsletter and get daily updates and promotions. They can also stay connected with AliExpress via Facebook, YouTube or the community. Those who own a smartphone or a tablet can download the AliExpress app to get access to exclusive mobile promotions and shop while on the go.

Benefits of Using

More and more people are coming to use this platform because they have understood its unique benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Extremely Affordable: daily deals and special offers are a decisive factor to purchase from AliExpress. Clients from all over the world can get up to 90% price reduction for items such as bags, apparel, camera glasses or shoes. All the deals are presented in the left part of the main page. Mobile customers can get extra deals and special offers that cater to their needs.

Wide Variety of Products: at the moment there are over 1 million different products on the site from tens of hundreds of manufacturers. Very few customers have left disappointed with the site. Usually, a potential client who visits the site will place an order of up to $100.

– Affiliate Program: the affiliate program from is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers to be part of a strong network while increasing their revenues. It is extremely easy to join the program. The more sales a partner generates, the higher the commissions. Because this website is constantly growing, the affiliate program is definitely a great feature of AliExpress.

Very easy to Use: the in-site navigation is greatly improved due to the multitude of tabs. Placing an order does not take more than a couple of minutes. Mobile customers can even enjoy convenient order tracking by scanning the QR code located in the bottom right corner of the main page.