Aliyun / AliCloud

The Alibaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce firm that has various entities. The company was established in 1999 and its main target was small businesses. It was founded to help these businesses take advantage of the internet to compete on the same level with large organizations. One of its main businesses is offering cloud computing services. AliCloud has helped to raise the company’s visibility in the global market and it now Amazon’s main competitor. The cloud services target small and medium enterprises.

Compared to Amazon, AliCloud is cheaper and this has proved to be one of its main advantages. Alibaba’s cloud computing services cost 2,368 Yuan for single core CPU and 2GB RAM. Amazon offers the same service at 3,530 Yuan. Amazon’s technology is better, but Alibaba offers better performance. Alibaba provides a single comprehensive cloud computing solution for its clients. The company has a limited number of big clients and this prevents frequent break downs. It is in control of most of the resources in the country and this gives it a competitive edge against other companies that offer cloud computing services in China. It has established data centers in Qingdao, Hangzhou, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, and is expanding into the international market.

International Market

Alibaba has taken competition right into Amazon’s main market by expanding overseas through Aliyun. This will make it the only Chinese firm to expand into the international public cloud service segment. The company has obtained a gold certification for its cloud computing services security structure. The certification, which was offered by the British Standards Institute, is the first in the world. This clearly demonstrates that Aliyun offers reliable services. Aliyun is China’s leading cloud computing platform. The company provides services for several Chinese banks, game developers, e commerce vendors, and websites. Alibaba’s vast resources offer Aliyun a big advantage over its competitors.

Gaming Industry

After expanding into the international market, Alibaba is taking on the gaming industry. The company intends to offer free cloud computing services for mobile developers. This is expected to dislodge Tencent from its position as the leading mobile gaming platform. Alibaba will establish a revenue sharing system with the game developers to create a healthy gaming environment in the industry. Game developers also have an opportunity to take advantage of the company’s account and payment system. This is expected to make it easy for users to sign up for mobile games.

Alibaba keeps identifying new ways to encourage organizations and individuals to use its cloud computing services. This makes the company more competitive and a great investment.